Arroyo Bridge is a Temple Space for the Church of Living Wisdom. We are open by appointment only. Please contact us for an appointment or view our calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Before you click on the map / directions, please be sure to check below about parking information!!

Parking Information: Take the left hand path… twice

Parking can be tight here at Arroyo Bridge. Please come a few minutes early to park and get yourself situated. If you need to unload, you can pull up to the entrance, unload and then proceed to the parking area. Reference the picture below for clarity.

Please reserve doorstep parking for guests with special needs.

Scroll down for a clickable Google Map.

CAUTION: If you type our address into google, it may take you to a place where we are not. Make sure your destination looks similar to the image below.

If you are having trouble finding us or need to coordinate special needs parking, please call 415-598-7437.

Our gathering space has a strong connection with nature
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