What Comes After Conscious?


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  • Having arguments about the same old things?
  • Curious about relationship as a spiritual path to personal growth?
  • Ready to replace conflict with greater intimacy?

We've got the perfect gift for you!

"A revolution in modern partnership, this book will change your life!"

This short ebook gives you a powerful new approach to partnership (and all relationships) that will blow your mind and change your life for the better.


Elevationship gives you clear steps and an inspiring approach to end conflict and turn the bumps in the road into steps towards deeper connection and greater personal growth on your spiritual path both individually and as a couple.


You'll benefit from Amanda's personal journey with love, her academic career in counseling psychology, her deep wisdom and experience as a priestess, spiritual guide, and subconscious whisperer.

This ebook will start you on your path to ELEVATIONSHIP - Partnership, Elevated.


PS: Single? This is a great first step to attract your ideal soulmate! Start from day one with the foundations of elevated partnership under your sassy belt!

Seeking a Sacred Upgrade to Your Partnership?

Take Your Free First Step Toward Elevationship!

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