Upcoming Ceremonies

Saturdays 12:30pm-9:30pm Pacific

Napa County, CA

Our Acacia medicine is very similar to an Ayahuasca journey. It lasts from 4-6 hours (and can take 2+ hours to start to peek), brings visions, and contains dimethyltryptamine (DMT), just like Ayahuasca. We use Syrian Rue as an MAOI. Acacia is a sacred plant found in ancient Egyptian and Hebrew texts, artifacts, and art. We remove most of the plant material so that the psychoactive/medicinal compounds are all that remain. This reduces much of the digestive issues (nausea), though there can still be purging. We source the raw material sustainably and process it ourselves. This medicine can be very visionary, and is quite expansive and multi-dimensional. We find it helps to deepen meditation and accessing non-dual states of consciousness that can then be integrated and accessed more readily.

Saturdays 12:30pm-9:30pm Pacific

Napa County, CA

Also known as San Pedro, Huachuma is a mescaline based medicine that is very heart opening and brings great clarity. It lasts about 6+ hours, and has a beautiful way of being gentle, yet very powerful in supporting your healing. We are growing our Huachuma garden and will soon be processing our own. For now, we source powder that is grown and processed in a ceremonial way from the Andes in Peru. This medicine is very heart opening and tends to create a sense of lightness and joy. It tends to be easier to interact with, and can provide great clarity about challenges in your life. The Medicine Path Native American tradition calls this the medicine of “limitless and unconditional joy.”

We are also available for Private Retreats!

If you are sensitive, working with emotional, spiritual, or energetic challenges that feel too vulnerable to heal in a group setting, or simply desire a personally tailored ceremonial medicine journey, you're invited to connect with us to explore ways we can support you privately.

Schedule a free, no obligation call to explore the possibilities that are best for you.

You'll be directed to a form. After submitting your name and email, check your inbox for a message from Living Wisdom with all you'll need to know how to apply, register, and prepare for our ceremonies, plus information about the medicine we serve.

We're dedicated to a safe and sacred approach to receiving healing from our master plant allies. We provide unprecedented, comprehensive preparation training so that you experience these medicines optimally. Learn more about our training, education, approach, preparation, registration, and other helpful information so that you can start your journey with us confidently.

Living Wisdom is a spiritual community bringing the sacred to life.

With great humility, we honor indigenous wisdom and traditions to address modern challenges.

We believe in your inalienable sovereignty. Every being has the ability to connect with source directly, to pursue your spiritual path on your own terms, and the right to express your true nature wholeheartedly in harmony with others.

We are passionate about the importance of safe and sacred containers for transformative work. Just as the caterpillar needs a chrysalis for its metamorphosis into a butterfly, so do people need a safe and sacred container to accelerate our own journeys.

We believe in the power of Entheogens to elevate consciousness and infuse spirit into our daily lives. The definition of Entheogen is “that which generates the Divine within.” Plant medicines are the most well known Entheogens. We believe EVERY aspect of our lives can be Entheogenic with the right intention and practice.

Members of our community come from a wide range of backgrounds and paths. What unites us is our shared passion for raising our vibration, connecting with Source, and supporting each other on our paths.

We gather monthly for​ Entheogenic ceremonies to deepen our connection to ourselves and Spirit. We meet regularly for ​social gatherings where we can create and deepen meaningful connections with fellow seekers (and finders). We host an EntheoJedi school for those looking to develop mastery in the creation of safe and sacred containers. We publish courses and content to help people bring the sacred into their everyday lives, and offer ​private mentoring and coaching for those looking to accelerate their path as individuals, couples, or teams.

We invite you to join our community as an Explorer and consider one of our advanced memberships as well.

What if I've never worked with psychedelics?

If you would like a gentle approach to healing with sacred medicines, you might consider starting with our Huachuma ceremonies, which are more mild and gentle, yet profoundly powerful in helping you to heal.

If you are feeling called to this deeper experience, this is a beautiful, safe, and sacred space to have your first journey since our gatherings are small, and we personally vet every attendee and make sure that we have a solid container to support what may arise for each attendee.

You do not need prior experience, only a commitment to honor the preparation, integration, and ceremonial practices we offer to assure your experience is elevating for all.

What is Acacia compared to Ayahuasca?

Acacia is a sacred plant with ancient origins  dating back to Judeo-Christian spiritual traditions. It is a more sustainable form of DMT with a Syrian Rue MAOI than the Ayahuasca brew (which contains the Ayahuasca vine and the Chacruna leaf for very similar effects). We dial in your dose very slowly over a long period of time to make sure you achieve "lift off" without ingesting too much. We find it to be a profound catalyst to your own spiritual awakening, connection with Source, and deepening your meditation practice.

What are your ceremonies like?

Our mission is to provide a dogma-free, safe and sacred container for our diverse community to learn, heal, and grow together. We support your personal and inalienable sovereignty and all sacraments and activities are by your choice only. We include preparation support, integration support, and during our ceremonies we offer some helpful practices to go deep and stay focused on your intentions, and to navigate challenges that may arise. We offer sound healing that guides the journey, as well as moments of silence to connect deeply with your inner experience.

is it safe for me to work with this medicine?

We offer a couple of different types of sacred medicine. Huachuma is very gentle, heart-opening, and a beautiful way to begin your exploration of healing with sacred plant medicine. There are no real contraindications and no special diet required with this medicine.

Acacia isn't for everyone. There are some circumstances and medications that are prohibitive. We have each attendee apply and provide helpful information, and we also conduct personal interviews to assure that you are stepping into a safe and sacred healing experience. Make sure that you give us as much information as possible and honor the preparation and integration guidelines, and then honor your inner wisdom. We cannot prescribe, but we will provide you with helpful information to make a well-informed decision for yourself.

What do you do with my information?

Your personal information is sacred and not shared with anyone except your facilitators, who will use the information only to determine whether this experience is a good fit for you.

Your safety is our top priority, and that includes your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and personal information.

How do I prepare for your ceremonies?

We provide the most comprehensive preparation and integration based on decades of Entheogen work, education, initiations and dedication to the safe and sacred container.

What is the donation for these ceremonies?

A typical 25+ person plant medicine ceremony in the Bay Area is anywhere from $350-$500. We keep our gatherings small and go the extra mile for you to assure safe, sacred, and long lasting healing and transformation. You have several options for participating in a sustainable way. You can become an ongoing Patreon member at the $108 level (and receive other valuable benefits) and attend once per quarter, $222 level and attend one ceremony per month, or $333 and above and attend all of our gatherings without further financial contribution. You have the option to make a one time donation of $350-500, or talk with us about partial or full scholarships along with Sacred Reciprocity. Scholarships are based on economic need, and community service, and we prioritize BIPOC / LGBTQ and other historically marginalized folks for our scholarship options.

What our community is experiencing:

"Thank you so much for creating such beautiful, potent, ceremonial space! I really appreciated the diversity of ages, races and types of people. You are doing wonderful work! And I made some sweet connections with beautiful people 🙂 . . . It felt like a very inclusive circle."


Medicine apprentice, IT specialist

". . . after just a few private sessions and a group ceremony, I felt relief from my chronic physical pain, and I'm seeing significant shifts in my relationships. Amanda took me to a place where I could connect with my ancestors, and for that I am forever grateful. I highly recommend the private work if you can. It is a deeper dimension in healing that is available."


Biomed technician

"I don't know what you did, but for the first time in my life, I feel God in my heart! I waited my whole life to feel this way, and I never thought it could happen for me."

Me & Lakshmi Muse 2014

Retired great-grandmother

"Thank you so much! Your sound healing took me to the same place as DMT!"

Dave Navarro & Amanda

Dave Navarro
Rockstar, Media Producer

"Thank you for making all of this possible, and for the safety and support you've held for each of us. And to everyone else, thank you for the way you created, held, and sustained a sacred and safe container during ceremony on Saturday. It is truly such an honor to have shared this medicine together and heal with all of you!

Blessings on your continued integration and healing!"

Dominick with cake

Dominick Miller
Professional Pastry Chef (CIA)

"Thank you for sharing your gifts, devotion, wisdom, and guidance, for creating a safe and sacred container allowing release of what I have held for years that does not serve me, for exquisite beauty in ceremony, process, and your home."

Banner Women Medicine Circle Water Ritual (1)


"Working with Amanda has significantly changed my life. I was immediately drawn to the way she honors traditions, respects medicine and the way she embodies her own work-- I deeply trust her and her guidance.

Since the beginning of our connection, I have been able to access emotions I had repressed from my childhood around love, open up to new levels of consciousness and develop my spiritual gifts on a greater level. I continue to expand every time we connect and look forward to us joining forces to host international retreats together.
Amanda is world class. She's a grounded spiritualist, wise woman and powerful teacher. Her connection with spiritual forces and the energy that she cultivates in ceremonies is unparalleled. I highly recommend joining everything she has to offer this world. You will not be disappointed."
Carissa Retreat 2:21 C & A from above good

CEO Freedom Designers

"You all completely exceeded my expectations ... I think the Huachuma medicine itself was close to what I expected, but ... I did not expect such beautiful singing, I didn't expect the Hapé to be so impactful, and somewhere in the middle of the ceremony . . . the sound bath was almost electrifying for me (in a good way)!!! I left feeling that one of your Huachuma sessions was as powerful (if not more) than several ayahuasca sessions that I went all the way to the Peruvian jungle for."



"You and Matthew just blow me away with your generosity of spirit, space, and service. I truly look forward to witnessing so much abundance flow through your lives. Feeling safe as I explore different modalities for doing deeper spiritual work is primary for me. After sitting with you for the first time, I knew that this was a space held in strength, wisdom, and loving-kindness. You are gifted facilitators and space-holders.."

Kendall side shot

Product Developer, Entrepreneur

"I feel like the ceremony and experience is personal but I can give voice to the powerful and I going spiritual & divine doors it has opened and reawakened in me!  I am so thankful to have my creative gifts back!  My clarity and focus is sharpened, people who could touch a nerve are no longer bothering me and I manifested one of my intentions from the ceremony in under a week!  The numbers were even divine!

I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t sure, that day, so it’s nice to see it unfolding but also excited for what’s coming next smiles to share I highly recommend the whole experience and you both are such stellar guides along the way!"

Tiffany McAchran

Meet Your Guide

Amanda Elo'Esh, MA has provided sacred ceremonies for over 20 years, including sacred psychedelics, sacred feminine mystery school, sound healing, and more. She received her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies, is an international speaker, & has been initiated into Mayan shamanism, Shipibo shamanism, & Native American medicine ceremonies. She’s studied with world class teachers, healers, and wisdom keepers, including Martin Prechtel, Don Jose Campos, George Gray Eagle, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Fania Davis, Tata Erick, and Ariel Spilsbury. She's founder & president of Living Wisdom, a dogma-free community providing safe & sacred spaces for our diverse community to learn, heal & grow together.

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Make sure to apply for our upcoming sacred psychedelic ceremonies!

Make sure you check your inbox, add LivingWisdomChurchCA@gmail.com to your contacts, and look for our follow-up application. We will connect with you to make sure you are a good fit for our sacred medicine gatherings.

Ceremony Preparation

Huachuma/San Pedro Ceremony

Acacia-Syrian Rue/DMT Ceremony

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