We offer a combination of downloadable / self-paced training along with mentoring and full on life transformation packages.

Self Paced Training

  • Couples Emergency Communication Guide
  • Easy Being Green: Delicious Healing Cookbook
  • Navigating Tricky Conversations Skillfully

Mentoring and Transformation

  • Live Your Noble Purpose & Prosper 90 Day Program
  • Ceremonial Leadership Program

Self Paced Training

Couples Emergency Communication Guide

On of the best ways to successfully navigate relationship challenges, is to work together on your challenges before they become blocks.

This guide will help you through a discovery session with your partner where you identify what works and what doesn’t work for each of you in conflict.

When challenges arise, you will have the points in place to readily re-establish, grace, ease and harmony in your relationship.

Get the Couples Emergency Communication Guide now for only $15

Easy Being Green: Delicious Healing Spirulina Cook Book

This cook book was inspired by 3 years of working with NASA scientist and algae expert, Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum and the Algae Lab in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. This eBook will give you . . . 

  • Fun and delicious ways to get more of this amazing superfood into your diet 
  • Essential information on how to SAFELY consume algae (some algae are deadly!)
  • Special BONUS information on sprouting

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Navigating Tricky Conversations Skillfully: a Connective Communication Primer for Couples Coaches and Communication Enthusiasts

This book gives you a solid foundation on how to understand various elements at play in conversation so that you can gain greater mastery in gracefully navigating interpersonal relating in your life.

Learn about Communication Modes, conversation climate, timing, pacing and more. Book available as a printed copy or PDF.

Go here to learn about Connective Communication and get the book!

Mentoring and Life Transformation Packages

Live Your Noble Purpose & Prosper 90 Day Program

This 90 Day homestudy course will help you to create a simple, clear, step-by-step plan to move from a job or other unfulfilling work into successful purpose work that nourishes your soul and sustains your life.
You’ll be guided to . . .

  • Discover Your True Calling
  • Create Your Money Safety Net
  • Move Through Resistance & Work with Time (like a master)

Valued at $3997, sells for $997

Ceremonial Leadership Training

Open your Voice as a Channel, and hone your skills as a Sacred Rebel, Spiritual Superstar, or Transformational Leader with our world class program.

Learn more about the Ceremonial Leadership Program

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