Walking the Talk

Silence, Love, & Dragons

You may have noticed we haven’t sent anything out in a while. It’s not because we don’t love and think of you often. In fact, you and your spiritual healing are in our daily prayers and what drives us each day.

So, why have we been quiet? Well, the quiet has been an essential part of walking our talk.

What’s Been Going On Over Here?

We realized that the Holy-Days were a perfect time to step away from the social obligations, honor the natural cycles of life, and go within, deeply, to really listen to the wisdom that comes only from the stillness of the present moment.

It was a profound gift. Truly ineffable transmissions flowed through, awakening the ancient wisdom of the Dragon protectors who hold the origin story of our own birth from 5D into our current human journey on Mother Earth. With the help of our sacred plant medicine allies and making time to really surrender to the Great Mystery, gifts beyond measure have flowed in.

What the Dragons Said

It was more what they facilitated than what they “said.” They opened up new spaces and new possibilities to fully re*member – consciously awaken to and embody – our own Divine Origins unbroken, back to the moment the Holy was singing all humanity into being with the sacred sound seed syllables that would vibrate to create Matter. The dragons were the guardians and guides as we were brought from the infinite void of all possibility into individual consciousness that would animate in the material world on Planet Earth.

Then, of course, the essential integration of these profound transmissions was necessary to truly honor the priceless gifts that were bestowed.

And then, clear guidance came in to do a deep, physical detox, gut cleanse, and spiritual practice reset to align more fully with the vast shift in consciousness that had just occurred and to allow the new, higher frequencies to flow through.

Not Just Spiritual. Full Spectrum Transformation.

Imagine going deep into your ancient ancestor’s catacombs, clearing out the old, precious, yet limiting belief structures to make way for a brand new, life-giving, flow of Source. Chiseling out petrified organic matter, sanding out rough spots, and breathing new life into the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and karmic passageways that flow through your personal conscious complex of dancing energy particles.

In short, it’s been a hard, yet unimaginably rewarding journey, and the magic doesn’t seem to be stopping, but the need to be inward and attending to the foundations is coming to completion, and there is now the call to connect more outwardly.

What’s Coming Your Way

The private and group work that we have been doing (yes, we have continued to hold space as we’ve walked through this deep cleanse, renewal, and upgrade) has reflected to us that the more we give ourselves the permission to honor our bodies, time, and lives as the sacred gift they are, the magic profoundly echoes out. Our couples work has been off the charts. Many who come to our ceremonies with deep, long-term trauma are experiencing profound release and access to unimaginable joy.

The sound healing elements of each of our ceremonies has, by the reflections of our participants, gone to a new level – truly opening portals that allow for immediate and gentle release of old wounds and painful patterns, inspiration for new ways of thinking and being that are aligned with limitless and unconditional joy.

We recently had the deep and humble honor of holding space for a young boy, still in primary school, to have a profound emotional release that took him through anger, fear, and grief. If our children can learn to feel and express their emotions safely, we are truly in good hands!

And, a new offering, weaving Sacred Feminine and Indigenous Wisdom as well as building and strengthening community is about to be announced (Stay Tuned!).

So, that’s what’s been cooking up behind the scenes, in the silence as we flowed from 2023 into the New Year of the Wood Dragon.

We hope to connect with you soon!

What’s Available to Support Your Journey

We will continue to offer monthly Huachuma (aka San Pedro) ceremonies, Acacia & Syrian Rue (same chemical compounds but with different plants than Ayahuasca), Cacao + Sonic Medicine Sound Healing Ceremonies (2nd Sundays), Vegetarian Potlucks (2nd Wednesdays), and our Online Entheogen Preparation & Integration Support (1st Wednesdays). >>GET OUR CALENDAR WITH ALL OF OUR EVENTS & LINKS TO REGISTER<<

We are also accepting new couple’s and individuals for private retreats and 1:1 work. >>SCHEDULE YOUR FREE DISCOVERY CALL<< to explore ways Living Wisdom can help you break through stuck patterns in your personal growth and relationships.

Until we get to connect in person, we wish you a health-filled, magical New Year of the Wood Dragon, all blessings, and may the Source be with you!

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