3 Reasons Your Psychedelic Experience is Not Strong

And How to Do a Tolerance Reset

So, you’ve been wanting to have a big journey with psychedelics, but just haven’t been getting the “lift off” you’d hoped for? You’re not alone.

This quick read will give you some insights on some of the most common blocks to not having the kind of experience you’ve been hoping for.

But first, it feels important to introduce a new term, if you aren’t already familiar: “Entheogens.” It’s a Greek neologism, termed in the 1970’s to “rebrand” psychedelics that had been getting a bad rap because of propaganda from the U.S. government (and let’s face it, some backlash from the revolutionary 60’s and the infamous “Summer of Love”). It means “generating the Divine” and is a much more accurate, current, and respectful term for this facilitator of the ineffable.

Alright, now we’re ready to dive in. Shall we?

1. You’re Clogged Up

If your physical diet is not in alignment (not following the suggested “dieta,” or eating processed foods, too much food, or a combination of both), then your system will be bogged down and compromised by dealing with what’s already in your system. While not all Entheogens or Medicine Journeys require fasting beforehand, you might want to consider doing a deep clean (eliminating all processed foods, especially sugar, dairy, alcohol, meat, starchy foods, and recreational substances) a minimum of 3 and up to 10 days before your journey, and eat minimally or completely fast the day of your journey.

If fasting is really challenging, then consider this part of the “trip,” since these healing allies often help us to face our fears. Work with your facilitator to find the best ways to take care of your needs and still honor the suggested diet for the specific Medicine you are working with.

If you are exposing yourself to a lot of heavy, negative, or simply stressful mental static, then it is likely to follow you into your journey. Many facilitators will recommend giving yourself a break from social media, and entertainment that is stressful, heavy, or negative. Also, just giving yourself a break from mental stimulus and being in silence, meditating, and taking some time to be with your thoughts BEFORE you step into the experience can be really helpful.

It will give yourself an opportunity to clear out the mental chatter and maybe become aware of some of the things that REALLY drew you to having a “trip” to begin with, which will make it easier to drop in once you start to “take off.”

If you have a lot of repressed emotions and have made it a coping mechanism to keep that stuff locked down, don’t assume that Entheogens will fight with you to open it up. If there are some really intense, old, experiences you have not yet been able or willing to process, then it might not feel like (or truly be) the right time to open up that “Pandora’s Box,” in a ceremony, especially if it’s a new experience for you, and/or you are journeying with a group you are not intimately connected with and supported by. Your relationship with the facilitator is also a factor.

That’s not to say that it is inappropriate to let it all go in a ceremony. That’s exactly what Entheogens and Medicine Ceremonies are for – to let it all go. But, if you have already been holding things in, and then you step into an unfamiliar setting with unfamiliar people, it is likely that your subconscious will go into hyperdrive to make sure the lid stays tight on your deepest, hardest, most vulnerable feelings.

Give yourself permission to get support before and after your journey, make sure your facilitator knows you may have some big things coming up, don’t put pressure on yourself to completely clean house in one go, and consider spending some time outside of Medicine work getting to really know yourself.

2. You’re In A Psychic Showdown

You may not even know it, but sometimes, especially if you’re particularly smart (or emotionally repressed), your ego / psyche can (sub)consciously choose to get into a pissing contest with the Medicine to try to prove how strong and invincible it is.

If you find yourself often in your head, escaping those unpredictable and wily feelings, to solve all of your problems, and have been doing a great job of dancing through life and all of your relationships staying up in your head, it is common that the mind will choose to dig in it’s little mental heels to continue to prove to itself that it is all powerful and that there is nothing more valid than what it spews out.

While most Entheogens have the power to hand you your ass on a plate, and have produced profound journeys for countless supplicants even before ever ingesting, the Medicine, if it is in your best interest, will not fight you. That is not its nature.

It will leave you to stew in your own thoughts, which may be exactly what the Entheogenic “doctor” ordered. It may also lead you to face the third block which we will get into next.

How do you reset this one? Spend some practice time allowing yourself to feel. Use your mind to listen to the rest of your experiences. Human consciousness has been proven to not exist inside the mind. We don’t even really know what human consciousness is, so if you want to expand your consciousness, it will probably be helpful to tune into what that may be and what exists in your human experience outside of your mind. Go on a little micro-staycation and explore the realms of your mind-body-spirit complex.

Don’t know how? Find someone who can help you (hang on till the end and you’ll get a helpful resource).

3. Expectations

Admit it, you were hoping to see the unicorns, visit the cosmic lotus spaceship, fly with the dragons, be visited by the rainbow serpent . . . you wanted the “amusement park ride” of the psychedelic experience.

Or you had some other need you really anticipated the Medicine was going to deliver for you because you’ve heard so many stories about people ending their addictions, depression, or other maladies from an Entheogenic experience.

It CAN happen, but these amazing plant and chemical allies are powerful and can open doors to the great mysteries of life. If you come in with expectations, you are embodying a sense of entitlement that is, honestly, ignorant and disrespectful.

Coming to the Medicine with ANY sort of expectation is like the old fashioned guy who takes a girl out to dinner and then expects her to “put out.” Check your privilege.

Humility is the best thing to bring to the Medicine, along with gratitude. Coming with a heart full of gratitude even before you receive anything is a beautiful tone to set.

Recognize that you are asking for help, and quite a few living resources gave their lives for your experience. It may be more of a stretch with chemistry (like LSD or MDMA) vs. Ayahuasca, San Pedro / Huachuma, or Psilocybin, but acknowledging that you are asking for help and putting yourself in a place of humble receptivity will help you to be available for the true majesty and ineffable power these allies can unlock for you.

From the indigenous perspective, the Medicine is the Master teacher, and if you really want to fully receive what this path has to offer, consider taking time to get to know your teacher(s). Don’t just study the clinical/practical elements. Learn where they come from geographically, tribally, and spiritually. Listen to them. Find out how to respect them.

Most of all, be willing to accept that whatever the Medicine is offering you is what you needed, and if you have questions, work with your facilitator to understand your inner quest.

So, now you have some greater insights on some of the most common impediments to having a deep journey.

If you would like more support in understanding how to prepare for, journey with, and integrate from Entheogens in a safe and sacred way, especially if you’re interested in a more respectful approach to Medicine work, you can always reach out to us. We are passionate about honoring these Master Teachers, and cultivating a sacred relationship with them and yourself.

You can learn more about our Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies, apply to come and sit with us, and get some very valuable preparation and integration support here: https://LivingWisdomChurch.org/sacred-medicine

If you are seeking professional support as you walk the Medicine Path, you’re invited to have a free, no-obligation discovery session with us to explore how we can help you make the most of this sacred journey in a safe way. Use this link to schedule this valuable time to connect: https://LivingWisdom.as.me/

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