What is Living Wisdom?

As a young child, in my excitement to understand the world, the Universe, and God as omnipotent and eternal, I started to have Samadhi-like experiences where I became a part of the “Oneness,” and felt myself dissolve into the infinity I was trying to understand with my limited human mind.

It was a profound experience for such a young perspective and it would take me years, decades in some cases, to unpack all that I would feel and witness in these moments. No one else around me was talking about this sort of thing and I was already getting teased for being so different, so it just felt to me like there was no place for what I was experiencing in the limited 3D realm.

Is it possible to bridge the worlds?

I made it into the “Horizons” program for “gifted” children in 5th and 6th grades, and given an opportunity to explore new approaches to learning and understanding. I learned guided imagery and other fascinating information about science and the brain, including placebos (it seemed like magic!). This created a spark of hope and passion in me. “Maybe it is possible to bridge some of what I am experiencing to the limited human reality!” I thought. So I experimented with my imagination and imagery. I learned how to ameliorate pain in my body with guided imagery techniques. I learned how to help my insomniac mom to sleep. And I continued to learn about the brain, the imagination, creativity, and what is possible in the realms of healing and manifestation.

My journey of learning and personal growth took me many places and provided a rich academic experience; my spiritual path brought me into a priestess ordination, working with Sacred Feminine archetypes that I would recognize had been in my life and communicating with me from the time of my birth. I became a teacher for this spiritual organization and taught others about these Sacred Feminine archetypes, but there was something that just wasn’t working.

When things get wobbly . . .

There were a lot of wobbles and concerns from the leaders in this organization about me and my facilitation of the circles. I had excelled throughout my life in all that I had applied myself to, so why was this so rocky? I sat in meditation and prayer about what to do. As I dropped into silence with the question on my heart “What needs to happen to clear these misalignments?” the message came in quite clear:

“You have direct access to Source wisdom. These archetypes are your allies and direct teachers. Your job is to help others to access this Source wisdom for themselves. We all have different practices, rituals, agreements, challenges, resources, visions, goals . . . and teaching a specific template doesn’t work. Helping others to initiate and cultivate their personal relationship with the Holy is your job. You have access to the Living Wisdom of Creator. Show others how to access it. This is the way of empowerment and Sovereignty.”


Letting go

It was very intimidating to imagine letting go of my only source of income as a teacher for this organization, but as I committed to follow the guidance that had come, a great peace took over and I knew it was the right thing to do. So I made the promise to quit teaching a template and to focus on helping others to access the Holy in an empowered way.

The very next day, I was invited to move into a home that had a Temple and all of the resources and space I could want to do my ceremonial work and sacred feminine mystery school. This new retreat space on an acre of land in the East Oakland Hills became the home of the Living Wisdom School, and was named the Center for Living Wisdom in honor of this goal: to provide support to all who come to access their own unique personal relationship with Source.

Living Wisdom

Living Wisdom was born! The Living Wisdom is what is available to us when we are actively engaged with Source. It becomes alive in us. It liberates us from the dogmas of others and makes us accountable to our own Noble Purpose and to Everything that is Greater than us that Wishes us Well.

If this is something that you value, you are warmly invited and encouraged to add your voice and a few dollars (less than a Starbucks visit) to become a member today.

Every dollar goes to helping us provide safe and sacred spaces for our diverse community to learn, heal, and grow together so that we can all connect with the Living Wisdom available to us without dogma, without intercessors, without limits.

Join us on the journey

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