3 Things You Can Do in these Uncertain Times

It was springtime in 2010. My life was falling apart. The domestic partnership I thought was heading for marriage was crumbling, the income I’d put all of my time and dedication into as a result of that partnership was also on its way out the door. I felt like I had been following the spiritual breadcrumbs, listening to Source, and now I was in deep panic and feeling like I was a failure and a fool. I sat at my altar, weeping and hopeless, and asking for guidance to help me move forward in this paralyzing reality.

What came through was a vision. It wasn’t a healing visitation from Tara, or comfort from Buddha. I saw something that felt like an apocalypse. Economies were failing, social structures were dissolving, natural disasters were pouring in, and a voice came in that said “Stay on the path. Yours is not an easy one, but there will be a time when your ability to navigate chaos will be greatly needed and you will be ready.”

So, I stopped letting my scarcity programming that was scrambling to get by guide me, and stayed true to the inner guidance that was leading me on. It was a long and slow road to become sustainable as a full time “priestess,” but I was grateful that I had stayed true to my purpose instead of chasing money.

Those visions started to come true, and new ones emerged. I saw the results of the 2016 election and was told that it was an important and necessary shake up to our consciousness. As covid-19 made its way to the U.S. I saw the progressions unfolding before they were reported in the news and social media.

That “one day in the future” was NOW.

I hadn’t shared what I’d seen with very many people. First and foremost was because the way that Source speaks to each of us is personal and catered to our own emotional and conscious structures of response. I knew that sharing my visions would only stir up fear, which is not helpful and does not yield the most positive outcomes.

I’ve continually asked, since that vision came to me ten years ago “What can I do to be of service during these intense times?” The answer has been “Help people to find their own inner access to Higher Wisdom so that they, too, can find purpose, confidence, and calm inside the challenges and unexpected upsets.”

So, I am going to share with you what has been shown to me and encourage you to use it simply as a platform to help you reach your own personal practice that keeps you anchored in your sovereignty when the foundations of your world are shaken and start to crumble.

First, you must take care of your nervous system. If you are anxious, your number one priority should be to find peace and calm – NOT the “solution to what you perceive to be the problem because your perceptions through the lens of anxiety are limited and distorted. Soothing music, movement (in Nature is preferable), and deep, conscious breathing are some of my main go-to’s and seem to be helpful for many of my clients and loved ones.

Second, it’s essential to care for your basic needs. Hydration, rest, and healthy food. Our bodies are the temples for our consciousness and they can help us to be elevated, or they can keep us weighed down.

Third, once you have taken care of your basic needs and come to a place of inner peace, then you can start to be CURIOUS about what the most elevated way of moving forward is. If you believe in something greater than you that wishes you well, now is the time to invite that presence in to guide and inspire you. If you don’t hold that belief, simply staying curious to what might be possible (in a good way) that you hadn’t yet considered can help you to step out of fear, scarcity, and survival programming in the subconscious and access creative solutions for yourself that weren’t previously available to you.

Finally, connecting with loved ones and/or a mentor to help you to move through the limitations that fear and anxiety create is essential. We can’t do it alone. We need each other. Honor your comfort level for safety, and do what you can to connect with people who bring positivity into your field of experience. Loving, kind, even humorous exchanges are potent medicine that are in short supply these days, but they don’t need to be. And remember that you, even in your own challenges, can be a touch point that pulls someone out of their darkness.

I’d like to say that my visions showed me that this is the worst of it. It’s not, but there is balance to all things. From the darkest times, the greatest light can emerge.

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