Give it a rest for Thanksgiving!

When we thought about Thanksgiving, we tuned into focusing on the power of GRATITUDE, which is truly a worthy focus, but . . . it’s getting about as old and disingenuous as the annual Turkey Pardon. 

We thought about being mindful of the tragedy of the loss of indigenous cultures, and pulling the table cloth off the Norman Rockwell facade that many get lost in for Thanksgiving. And while that is VERY important to be mindful of, we’ve shared about that, and it, too, is starting to become lost in the holiday sentiments.

So, as we sat and thought about what we could offer you that would be inspiring, we decided to look at the whole obligation of the holidays in general.

The obligation to post a Thanksgiving newsletter, a Black Friday or Anti-Black Friday offering, and on and on and on and YAWN!

What would your holiday be like if you were completely free from obligations?

What would your whole life be like if you were able to trust your inner compass, and act based on what felt right to you?

Really. Take a moment to think about that.

It seems radical, but if we were all coming from deep, Source-inspired action, how much more harmony, abundance, and joy might there be on our planet?

How good does it feel if someone does something for you out of obligation or transaction? In contrast, can you feel when someone offers you something out of genuine generosity and love?  How good is that?!

We are practicing taking deeper steps into this radical Source-guided approach. Care to join us?

Here are a 3 ways for you to experience the holidays (and the rest of your life) with greater harmony, abundance, and joy.

1. Give it a rest:

Let yourself say “no,” if your body is tired or contracted.
Truly celebrate the Holy Days by treating your life as the sacred gift it is.
Take a nap on Black Friday.

2. Shift Focus:

Take a stand for celebrating in ways that nourish you. Let go of anything that you’re not genuinely inspired to do.
Ask yourself: “What would bring me joy?” And then do that!

3. All about YOU!

Invite your co-celebrants to join you on this radical journey. Trust that doing your life exactly the way you are inspired will bring you better health and make you much more enjoyable to be around. Then your presence is the present.
Write about this gift and offer that to your loved ones. Revel in your new vibrant and joy-filled vibrancy!

AND, we want to give you a valuable gift.

It’s an approach to relationship and your own healing path in relationships that supports really being able to listen to your inner wisdom, take your life into your own hands, and turn conflicts into greater intimacy, including a helpful guide for navigating triggers (which the holidays can be full of no matter how you choose to celebrate). Click on the image below to get your free ecopy of ELEVATIONSHIP.

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